Ergonomic Marudai Loom with 5" Kumihimo Disk.


This beautiful loom with moon etched detailing is a more ergonomic redesigned version of an ancient Japanese loom used for making cording. Our loom can be attached to a table with a clip and has legs that can be easily gripped for portability. The built-in spinning mechanism allows for ease of use for circular braiding. 


The kumihimo disk can be removed and used as a hand tool. 


This loom can be used alone as a marudai or the kumihimo disk can be attached with velcro.


These looms are especially good for people using larger fibers. 


The moon design on the kumihimo disks helps to navigate each turn of the loom with the phases of the moon. 

Large Fiber Marudai w/ 5" Kumihimo Disk.

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