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The Tool line began with a simple idea, to take traditional tools for fiber arts.

  What are Fiber Arts?  Fiber arts includes knitting, weaving, sewing needlework  or cording. I've taken old and even ancient tools from many cultures and redesigned them to be modern, sustainable , portable, and well just beautiful pieces of art.

These tools are for the modern person on the go.  Portable and wearable tools allow you to bring your craft anywhere and everywhere. As tools they are functional and accurate, as fashion they are beautiful pieces of art, and they make a great conversation piece whether or not you craft or not. This is where fashion, design, art and function meet. 

Yet this line has become so much more than that. The pieces are made to be ergonomic, the materials are natural and environmental. I use sustainable hardwoods for my tools, merging artful craftsmanship and technology, to make beautiful precision implements.  I consider how each piece feels in your hand and how  it sits on your body.  For me, the design of the front and the back are equally important. I make my own finishes, using local beeswax, organic jojoba oil and and essence to give it a subtle scent making the pieces sensory delight to use and wear.

Whether you are a craftsperson or not, the jewelry stands on its own as timeless beautiful pieces to wear. Many customers have told me they hang my tools as  art works on their wall.

I have recently added many coordinating jewelry pieces, such as earrings, that are not tools, all made with natural materials such as semi-precious stones, leather, and woven patinated chains, cast paper and enamels.

The line continues grow and now includes some larger tools including weaving shuttles, Japanese cording, braiding, and beading looms (Marudai, Kumihimo).

These tools are very meditative and easy to use.  

**Our first Kumihimo kit is now available

The tools you use daily should be as beautiful as what you make with them.

Its important to me that each design, stands on its own as a piece of art!

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