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A Lucet is an ancient viking tool fo making cord. The advantage of these eye cords are they do not unravel when cut making them ideal for knitters forthe bottom of sweaters or sleeves. They are also wonderful for making all sorts of decorative cording including jewelry and cords for rug making and mats.

This is a single Rabbit Hybrid Tool© that we uniquely designed - use as a Lucet or wrap the yarn horizantally around the ears to make tassels. This tool is available in  Maple, Oak or Cherry Wood.

Visual Instructions are included with the tool. You can find on our notions page the mini yarn bowl that are pictured as an add on purchase purchase. Buy both the  mini yarn bowl and the tool and we will send you a pick as well for free. Available in three susatainable woods -Maple, Oak and Cherry


Large Rabbit Lucet/Tassel Maker

7"x 2.5"
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